Welcome to Shinri Karate

Welcome to
Shinri Karate Schools


Shinri Karate Schools brings Karate into the modern era. Taught by professional coaches in multiple locations across Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.


Shinri Karate Schools first opened in September 2010 by three professional Karate instructors, Gareth Richards, Phil Culley and Andy Wightman. The three co-owners had been long time friends and training partners and were even National champions together in team Kata. In January 2014 Andy Wightman decided to leave the partnership to concentrate on his own karate clubs and Gareth and Phil made the decision to continue what they had started.


At Shinri Karate Schools we offer fair pricing policies in classes run by fit, friendly and professional coaches. Our classes are open to all from ages 4 years old upwards. All our coaches are first-aid trained, fully insured (through TL Risk Solutions insurance) and hold black belt qualifications.


Shinri is the Japanese word for heart or truth. Our badge features the Shotokan tiger to represent the style of Karate that we study and the Japanese rising sun to reflect on the traditional roots of our martial art.


                                                                                                           PRICE INCREASE


As of January 2016 we will be increasing the prices of our monthly packages.

The new prices will be

Beginners £20

Intermediate £35

Advanced £50

Ultimate £60 per month

If you currently pay your fees by monthly standing order there is no need to change your payment, you fees will be "frozen" unless a payment is missed.

You can also skip the price increase by setting up your standing order by December 2015's payment. Any standing orders set up in 2106 will be at the increased rate.


All other fees (gradings, membership, equipment etc) remain unchanged. 




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